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Manifest Magic: Black Girl cooperative

About our Organization

What is Manifest Magic: Black Girl Cooperative?


Our mission

Manifest Magic is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the empowerment of Black women.


Through education, community, and advocacy Manifest Magic: Black Girl Cooperative will engage, educate, evolve, and empower all Black women (and those Black-woman adjacent) to thrive without barriers as their authentic selves.

Manifest Magic: Black Girl Cooperative is established for the benefit of the membership and the community.  Manifest Magic: Black Girl Cooperative is an organization that advocates for Black women, actively participates in local growth and development, and ensures that Black women are able to participate in that growth.

Manifest Magic: Black Girl Cooperative addresses and removes the barriers to success for Black women and allows Black women to prosper and thrive as fully realized members of communities and society as a whole.


Manifest Magic: Black Girl Cooperative creates a culture shift that allows Black women to show up as their authentic selves and thrive without barriers. Manifest Magic: Black Girl Cooperative engages and educates so that we can evolve and empower.  


Collaboration: Together we are better 

Sisterhood: Strength in numbers and power in unity

Trust: Keep covenant and create safe spaces

Respect: Everyone deserves dignity and respect

Service: Be of benefit to our members and the community 

Growth: Personal and Professional development are both never-ending journeys

Excellence: We only operate in excellence

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Manifest Magic

Address: P.O. Box 31388, Clarksville, Tn, 37040


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