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Manifest Magic Parent Cooperative School

8 photo(s) Updated on: 19 Oct 2020

In response to the challenges that parents and students faced as a result of COVID 19, Manifest Magic established a parent school co-op to provide a low cost virtual learning option. 

The school is located inside Full Effect Visual and Performing Arts Center at 1191-A Fort Campbell Blvd.

Kristin Davis is the volunteer Program Director who assists families with orientation, ensuring health records are in order, and setting up for teachers and students. 

The school gives many parents a workable alternative to leaving students home alone to complete classwork or missing work to supervise them at home. 

"We monitor students to make sure they stay on task, provide an instructor to offer technical assistance and answer students' questions,” Davis said. 

Instructors Allison Garth and Tyelisa Rubio make sure students get into online classes on time, provide tech support as needed, and lead additional subjects including Black history, yoga, health and wellness, goal setting, money management, creative writing, art, and music.

The school is open to grades K-12 and operates Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. in a social distanced class space. Families are charged $75 per week with no limit on the number of children per family. 

"Our goal is to make it affordable and accessible, while providing the ability to safely socialize," Garth said. 

For information on how to register contact Kristin Davis atcoo@manifestmagicbgc.orgor call (931) 614-0075.

Manifest Magic: Black Girl cooperative

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Manifest Magic Parent Cooperative School

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