Empowering Black women through unity and strength.

Together is better! 


Manifest Magic: BGC

I am my sister’s keeper. I am because you are.
Join Black women dedicated to inspiring and uplifting other Black women.

A wise woman once said, “Sisterhood is powerful.” Sisterhood is extremely important to Manifest Magic. It is where we can be ourselves and show up together to combat the struggles of life. We know that we are never alone within our sisterhood, and together, we can make it. Sisterhood is not a destination but a journey! 

By joining Manifest Magic, you commit to a diverse community of other amazing Black women who have all promised to empower other Black women. Manifest Magic: Black Girl Cooperative is a non-profit 5013C organization dedicated to empowering Black women through education, community, and advocacy. 


Make a Difference In Clarksville

We are strong believers in giving back to our communities and advocates of supporting organizations that make our communities stronger.  Members of our team not only volunteer with local and state organizations but serve on the boards of several non-profits as we believe that giving our time is an investment in our communities.


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Join Our Sisterhood, we are strong women that are dedicated to uplifting others, and the only thing we are missing is You.

Who we help

We help Black women to show up as their authentic selves and thrive without barriers. Manifest Magic: Black Girl Cooperative engages and educates so that we can evolve and empower.

How we help

We address and remove the barriers to success for Black women and allow Black women to prosper and thrive as fully realized members of communities and society as a whole.

What We Do

We are huge believers in community support and an action-oriented organization; we participate in habitat for humanity support, local clean-up initiatives, community sponsorships, and community events.

Our Give Campaign 

With your support, we truly make a difference in the lives of our local community. Your contribution directly impacts counseling services, transportation, and job placement services locally in the city of Clarksville, Tennessee.

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