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Manifest Magic: Black Girl cooperative

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Meet Our Team

Juanita Charles, Founder and CEO

Juanita founded Manifest Magic Black Girl Cooperative in July of 2019. As a candidate in a special election for TN State Senate District 22, there was a noticeable lack of Black women present in prominent spaces, especially spaces where decisions were being made. Many Black women expressed feelings of not feeling valued, feeling unsafe, and overall powerless. 

In July of 2019, the first meeting and Manifest Magic was held in the public library with the expressed goal to create a safe space and empower Black women. The over 60 diverse Black women were in attendance confirmed what we already knew to be true - a space such as this was not only necessary, but needed.

About us

We are a membership-based organization dedicated to creating the culture shift that allows Black women to show up as their authentic selves and thrive without barriers.

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I am my sister's keeper. I am because you are. Join Black women dedicated to empowering and uplifting other Black women.

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