Black Maternal Health Week: Supporting Black Mamas

Pregnant Black woman and a doctor. The doctor has a stethoscope to her belly.

Black Maternal Health Week (BMHW), celebrated each year from April 11 to 17, is a dynamic seven-day campaign spearheaded by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance. The campaign is all about raising awareness, sparking activism, and fostering community connections. It aims to elevate the stories, viewpoints, and experiences of Black mothers and birthing individuals.

Black mothers statistically face higher rates of maternal mortality and morbidity than their counterparts. Through advocacy, support, and action we aim to address these disparities and improve health outcomes for Black mothers. The week focuses on amplifying the voices of Black mothers, health professionals, and advocates, promoting best practices, and pushing for policy change to ensure equitable healthcare.


Implicit Bias in Health Care: We’re starting with a deep dive into the hidden biases that affect Black mothers’ care and outcomes. It’s all about uncovering these issues and figuring out how to tackle them head-on.

Affordable & Accessible Care Options: Healthcare shouldn’t be a luxury. This session explores how to break down barriers to make sure every mom gets the care she deserves, without the stress of high costs.

The Importance and Role of Doulas and Other Birth Workers: Doulas are like superheroes for moms-to-be. We’ll chat about why their support can be a game-changer during birth and beyond.

Reproductive Justice and Advocacy: It’s time to talk about the big picture – how fighting for reproductive rights and justice leads to better health policies and outcomes for moms.

A Personal Experience with Advocacy: Hear real stories from people who’ve navigated the healthcare system, fought for better care, and made a real difference. These are the voices that inspire change.

Postpartum Depression and Mental Health: We’re opening up about the mental health struggles new moms face, emphasizing the importance of support, understanding, and resources.

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