Clarksville Health and Wellness Fair: A Day of Health, Happiness, and Community Engagement

Clarksville Health and Wellness Fair: A Day of Health, Happiness, and Community Engagement

March 21, 2024, Clarksville, TN – The Manifest Magic Black Girl Cooperative, in collaboration with premier sponsors Vitality Sport and Rehab, Trifecta Fitness, and Charles Group, is thrilled to announce the return of the Clarksville LiveWell Health and Wellness Fair. This year’s event is set to take place on April 6th, from 9 AM to 1 PM, at the scenic Beachaven Winery, located at 1100 Dunlop Lane, Clarksville, TN.


Aiming to inspire the Clarksville community to embrace healthier lifestyles, the fair will feature an array of activities and services designed for all ages and fitness levels. Highlights include soul-soothing yoga, exhilarating belly and line dancing, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions, and the chance to unwind with refreshing wine slushies.


In a special addition this year, attendees will have the opportunity to benefit from a free mobile clinic, offering health checks and consultations on-site. This valuable service ensures that participants not only leave inspired but also equipped with practical health insights.


Event Highlights:

– Dynamic Fitness Sessions: From relaxing yoga to energizing dance and HIIT, there’s something to get everyone moving.

– Free Mobile Clinic: Access to health screenings and professional advice, ensuring your wellness journey starts on the right foot.

– Enlightening Wellness Talks: Hear from health and wellness experts, including a local doctor, ready to share their knowledge and tips for a healthier life.

– Local Vendors: Discover and shop a variety of local businesses offering everything from nutritious foods to wellness products.

– Wine Slushies: Enjoy a unique twist on relaxation with Beachaven Winery’s delicious wine slushies.


“With the Clarksville LiveWell Health and Wellness Fair, we aim to create a vibrant, health-focused community event that offers something for everyone,” said Samantha Lamb, project manager for Manifest Magic Black Girl Cooperative. “We believe in empowering our attendees not just through fun and engaging activities but also by providing direct access to health services like Matthew Walker’s free mobile clinic.”  

“It’s about taking that next step towards a healthier, happier lifestyle together,” said LaWanna Murray.


This event is free to the public, making it accessible for families to explore, learn, and enjoy a day dedicated to wellness. 

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About Manifest Magic Black Girl Cooperative

Manifest Magic Black Girl Cooperative is a Clarksville-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering Black women to overcome racial and gender bias through advocacy, community engagement, wellness initiatives, and educational programs. Our mission is to create a supportive network that fosters personal growth, health, and success among Black women in our community.


Media Contact:

Samantha Lamb

Project Manager

Manifest Magic Black Girl Cooperative

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