Empowering Transformation: The Journey of BecomingHER

Empowering Transformation: The Journey of BecomingHER


In the landscape of empowerment and personal development, Manifest Magic Black Girl Cooperative stands as a beacon of hope and transformation. This registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is dedicated to empowering Black women, assisting them in overcoming systemic racial and gender prejudices. With a comprehensive approach that includes educational programs, community involvement, resource accessibility, and advocacy campaigns, Manifest Magic is committed to promoting wellness, civic participation, economic advancement, and social empowerment. Their mission is to catalyze transformative cultural change that transcends confinement and exclusion, celebrating the unique achievements and potential of Black women.

At the core of Manifest Magic’s initiatives is the new BecomingHER program, a journey designed to usher participants into a state of Healing, Empowerment, and Renewal. Although primarily tailored for Black women, the program holds universal benefits for all participants. BecomingHER is not merely a program; it is a transformative experience aimed at fostering holistic growth and self-mastery.

Understanding the BecomingHER Program

The essence of BecomingHER lies in the concept of self-mastery, an ongoing journey of understanding and developing oneself to reach the highest potential. This process involves nurturing a deep sense of self-awareness, developing emotional and mental resilience, and cultivating a supportive community that encourages growth and success. The program integrates the principles of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), offering a unique approach to personal development. By focusing on emotional regulation, mindfulness, and interpersonal effectiveness, BecomingHER guides participants through a comprehensive journey of self-improvement.

Empowerment within BecomingHER is recognized as a multi-dimensional endeavor, addressing the emotional, mental, physical, and social aspects of well-being. The program is meticulously structured around key objectives that cater to the nuanced needs of Black women. It aims to provide healing from past traumas, empower individuals with essential knowledge and skills, and foster a renewed sense of self that is in harmony with personal values and aspirations.

Exploring Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy that emphasizes the psychosocial aspects of treatment. The theory behind the approach is rooted in the notion that some people react more intensely to certain emotional situations, primarily those found in romantic, family, and friend relationships.

Definition and Key Principles of DBT: DBT focuses on four key areas: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness, aimed at helping individuals lead more manageable and fulfilling lives.

Components of DBT: This therapy combines individual psychotherapy, group skills training, phone coaching, and therapist consultation teams. The holistic approach ensures that participants can apply what they learn in all aspects of their lives.

Integrating DBT into the BecomingHER Program

The BecomingHER program seamlessly incorporates DBT skills to equip participants with practical tools and strategies. These skills help in fostering mindfulness, improving emotional intelligence, and enhancing communication skills.

Specific DBT Skills Applied in the Program: The program emphasizes practical DBT skills such as mindfulness exercises, distress tolerance techniques, and effective communication strategies. These are designed to help participants cope with emotional difficulties and build stronger relationships.

Personal Development through DBT Techniques: By applying DBT techniques, participants can experience significant improvements in self-awareness, emotional regulation, and interpersonal relationships, contributing to overall well-being and success.


The BecomingHER program, enriched with the principles of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, offers a comprehensive approach to personal development. By focusing on emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and effective communication, participants are equipped to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience. We encourage individuals seeking holistic growth and self-mastery to join the BecomingHER program and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming their best selves.


What Makes the BecomingHER Program Unique? The integration of DBT principles with a focus on holistic personal development sets the BecomingHER program apart.

How Does DBT Contribute to Personal Development? DBT provides practical tools for emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness, essential components of personal growth.

Can DBT Techniques Be Applied Outside of Therapy? Yes, DBT skills are applicable in various life situations, enhancing overall well-being and effectiveness in personal and professional settings.

How to Enroll in the BecomingHER Program? Interested individuals can visit the program’s website or contact the administration for enrollment details.

What Are the Expected Outcomes of the BecomingHER Program? Participants can expect improved emotional intelligence, better stress management, enhanced communication skills, and overall personal growth.

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