Together We Rise: Reflecting on the Impact of Women’s Day on the Hill and the Pursuit of Diverse Representation

Together We Rise: Reflecting on the Impact of Women’s Day on the Hill and the Pursuit of Diverse Representation

A Catalyst for Change

On March 18, 2024, Tennessee bore witness to the second annual Women’s Day on the Hill, an event that epitomizes the spirit of unity, advocacy, and educational empowerment. Powered by the National Women’s Political Caucus – Tennessee, the Women’s Fund of Greater Chattanooga, and Elect Black Women PAC, this day served as a rallying point for individuals committed to forging a just and equitable future. It was not just an event but a vivid manifestation of solidarity, aiming to amplify women’s voices in political and social realms. 

 Highlighting the Day’s Events

Empowerment Through Dialogue: The EmpowerHer Panel

The day featured the EmpowerHer Panel titled “Black Women Lead,” moderated by political strategist Makayla McCree. This panel underscored the critical role of black women in leadership and policy-making, fostering a space for meaningful dialogue and exchange.

Education and Advocacy: Breakout Sessions

Participants engaged in breakout sessions along two tracks: Advocacy and Politics, led by subject matter experts who are leading the charge in their respective fields. These sessions were instrumental in providing attendees with the knowledge and tools required for impactful advocacy and political engagement.

A Moment of Reflection and Forward Movement

The event also included a grounding meditation session led by Minnassa Gabon, CEO of Minnassa Inc, preparing attendees mentally and spiritually before heading to the Capitol. The trolley ride to the Legislative Plaza was a journey towards amplifying and celebrating the work of women policymakers and advocates across the state.

Voices from the Front Lines: Keynote Speeches and Press Conference

The keynote address by Joanna Theolene, Policy and Advocacy Director at the Women’s Fund of Greater Chattanooga, further highlighted the imperative of women’s involvement in policy and advocacy. The rally and press conference in the legislative Plaza and the old Supreme Court chambers in the capitol building showcased elected officials and candidates who emphasized the pivotal issues facing women in Tennessee.

 The Need for Greater Representation

Despite the successes and inspirations drawn from the Women’s Day on the Hill, it also cast a light on the existing disparities in representation within the Tennessee General Assembly and community leadership structures. The engagement of women, especially those from diverse backgrounds, in politics is not just beneficial but necessary for a holistic and inclusive governance approach.

 Statistics Speak: The Reality of Underrepresentation

Women and people of color continue to be underrepresented in legislative bodies across the United States, including Tennessee. Despite making up a significant portion of the population, women held just 30% of state legislative positions nationwide in 2021, and the numbers are even more dismal for women of color. The importance of their representation cannot be overstated, as diverse voices bring unique perspectives and solutions to the legislative process, addressing the needs of all community members. 

 Conclusion: A Call to Rise and Act

Women’s Day on the Hill 2024 was more than an event; it was a testament to the power of collective action and the urgent need for greater diversity in our political landscape. As Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said, “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.” Let this day serve as a reminder and a call to action: to support, encourage, and elevate the voices of women, especially women of color, in politics and beyond. Only then can we ensure a truly representative democracy that caters to the needs of all its constituents.


– What is Women’s Day on the Hill?

  An annual event in Tennessee that unites, educates, and empowers women to advocate for gender equality and social justice.

– How can I contribute to increasing women’s representation in politics?

  By supporting female candidates, encouraging women to run for office, and advocating for policies that remove barriers to women’s political participation.

– What were the key components of Women’s Day on the Hill 2024?

  The event featured panels, breakout sessions, meditation, speeches, a rally, and a visit to the state capitol, focusing on advocacy, education, and celebrating women’s roles in policy-making.

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